Nothing is more beautiful than flowers that always bloom to light up our lives, and nothing compares to the brilliance that CCVN girls always bring to us. Therefore, on the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20th, CodeComplete Vietnam held a cozy event to celebrate all CCVN’s ladies who have been adding many lovely colors to our daily work. To make their day special, we had a warm and fun celebration with food and lots of fun activities on this occasion. Let’s check out to see what we’ve done!


5 flower baskets created by the CCVN male members!

To start off the day, we surprised each of our ladies with a small gift card with dearest wishes and their lovely photos on their desks.  

In the afternoon, the main event began with our male members collaborating to make beautiful flower baskets to give to their female teammates; this is an opportunity for the men to demonstrate their creativity and send the best wishes to the ladies.



Surprised by the man’s ingenuity

We also hosted a workshop where our ladies could create their customized handcrafted cactus pots. As cactus represents women’s power, stability, and attractiveness, we hope you will feel the love that CCVN has always demonstrated for you.




Handcrafted cactus pots workshop and lovely gift card for our CCVN ladies!

More than just a holiday, CC wishes that our female members will always be gorgeous, brilliant, be you, and beyond. Happy Vietnam Women’s day to all our lovely ladies!