Hacking IT in Da Nang: My Time at CodeComplete

My name is Takumi Nomura from Japan, and I joined a 5 months internship at the Da Nang office as a developer. I’m here to share my experience during the internship at CodeComplete.

A new place for me, Da Nang

My first time working outside of Japan, I selected this place Da Nang. It was a challenging choice because I didn’t even know a bit about this place, even nothing about Vietnam nor other South Asian countries.

So my expectation before coming to this place was that I would have a hard time living. Inconvenience, dirtiness, and loneliness was what I had expected.

However, it turned out to be totally different. In every aspect, Da Nang was a way more comfortable place to spend time. It was totally convenient, clean, and the people were so friendly, including (and especially) inside the CodeComplete office.

The project I joined in CodeComplete

In a project I joined, I used Python as a language to implement tables and actions related to the database. Although I had quite a lot of experience of using Python, it was my first time to use the framework “PySpark”, the framework for computing systems used for big data processing and analytics.

The project also used other useful systems, such as Snowflake for the database system, Databricks for managing the database action, and Azure Storage for data management, and was a really good experience to get to know how to use them all.

The project got both Japanese and Vietnamese side managers, so it was good that I could get support from both sides, of course also from other members too. Sometimes there were actually difficult cases that took time to understand their explanation, but even in those situations, all the members kindly explained it again and again changing words, and it really helped me a lot.

Entertaining life in Da Nang

While I had a good time working, I also had a great time spending my entertaining life.

One of my favorite hobbies is tennis, and I had a chance to find a Japanese community playing tennis at Da Nang. I joined the practice every Sunday and that helped me enjoy life a lot.

Many other experiences also satisfied me so much, exploring street foods, cooking at home, surfing near the My Khe Beach, and also traveling around Vietnam and other countries.

Good memories of events and activities in CodeComplete

Finally I would like to end this blog by sharing my wonderful memories I got through in all the events and activities that I enjoyed a lot.

All the events I joined were amazing, starting from the Company Trip to a resort hotel at Hoi An, the Christmas party at the office, and the significant Year End Party at a gorgeous setup. All events were filled with joy, great performances by the company members and a lot of preparation made in advance. The most impressive experience was doing the MC of the Year End Party.

There were also a lot of activities held by the company members. Every week there was football and badminton after work. It was great that I could join these activities outside work, because that made me easier to get in touch with the company members. On the weekend we went cycling and sometimes trekking. This was also good to share time with the members, and also good that I could enjoy the nature around the beach side and above the mountains.

I would have to say that I was really lucky to join the internship at CodeComplete, and to get to know this wonderful place Da Nang. I’m sure that I will come back to this place some day.