This suite of data capture and management applications caters to specific domains. Each application streamlines data collection in its respective area, facilitating the creation of data systems for further analysis, procedures, or statistical assessments. (Examples include the Field Data Capture App, Damage Assessment App, and Fair Data Collection App.)

Field logging-and-sample-management-system

Challenge & Solution

  • Multi-Project Expertise: This solution manages multiple projects concurrently, ensuring timely delivery and client satisfaction.
  • Agile Development: Expedited delivery of an app for Nelson, New Zealand, demonstrating adaptability in response to their urgent need during the flooding situation.
  • Client Satisfaction: Organized project management and effective communication exceeded client expectations, fostering a strong and trusting relationship


  • Frontend: ReactNative, ReactJS, HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, Responsive.
  • Backend: AWS (API Gateway HTTP, CloudFront, Lambda, Python, EventBridge, Cognito, Amplify)
  • Storage: AuroraDB (Postgresql), DynamoDB, S3
  • Platforms: iOS and Android

Value Delivered

  • Centralized Filing and Sub-Surveys: This tablet application streamlines workflow by offering multiple filing scenarios and customized sub-surveys for diverse tasks (e.g., soil sampling, gas monitoring, stream assessment).
  • Automated Data Entry and Uploading: Reduce manual effort and improve accuracy with automated data entry features, scanning capabilities, and photo upload options.
  • Enhanced Efficiency and Data Accessibility: Optimize team productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks, minimizing data errors, and ensuring centralized data storage within the data hub. This fosters easy access for authorized personnel across relevant departments.
  • Data Manipulation and Disaster Response: Enable flexible data manipulation within various sub-areas for customized analysis and reporting. Additionally, the app facilitates quick and efficient data collection during natural disasters, maximizing relief and response efforts (e.g., Damage Assessment App).