This is a group of data capture and management applications. Each application is used to capture data of specific areas and create data systems for further procedures or statistical assessment (Field Data Capture app, Damage Assessment app, Fair Data Collection app, etc).

Field logging-and-sample-management-system

Challenge & Solution

  • Manage multiple running projects at the same time
  • We released the one of apps earlier than expected because of serious flooding situation in Nelson, New Zealand – where the app was required to capture and record vast amounts of damage assessment reports across large geographic areas
  • The customer is quite satisfied with our organized project management and coordination skills


  • Frontend: ReactNative, ReactJS, HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, Responsive.
  • Backend: AWS (API Gateway HTTP, CloudFront, Lambda, Python, EventBridge, Cognito, Amplify)
  • Storage: AuroraDB (Postgresql), DynamoDB, S3
  • Platforms: iOS and Android

Value Delivered

  • A tablet application with multiple filing scenarios in one centralised application, multiple sub surveys available for each type of work (e.g., Soil sampling, stream assessment, gas monitoring, etc)
  • Automated processes for entering data, scanning, uploading photos
  • Optimize the manpower of a department by elimiating effort on repetitive tasks and avoiding multiple re-writing and correction field data
  • All data to be stored in the data hub and easily accessible to everyone who has responsibility in the areas
  • Data available in a way that it can be manipulated as required within the various sub areas
  • Speed up the process of handling assessment forms when natural disaster happens (Damage Assessment App)