Being an IT–related professional doesn’t mean that we have to sit in front of computers, phones, or tablets the whole day! That’s so great when sport always brings us closer. All CodeComplete participants had come together to support our football team in the Tournament 2021. Such an interesting moment to see how much Vietnamese love football and all team spirits can bring joy to your life.

Starting from Dec 8, 2021,  we had 4 teams to take part in, including the Net team, Mobile team, QA team, and Web team. The audience will be impressed by the talent and effort of the players. Not only to help footballers to reach a work-life balance, but it also has a passion for the sport. Hence, players and fans enjoy moments of excitement and escape from the stress of life.

Football can be more than just a game. Once again, special thanks to all the players and cheerleaders who have contributed to this happy atmosphere and memorable season. We hope the players will have more time to keep good mental health for each match. Now, let’s look back at some of the most beautiful moments.