International Women’s day 2023 at CodeComplete

Women are among the most valuable gifts that the Lord has given to us. Whether they are a worker, dancer, or developer they always have their own way of showing their femininity and beauty. On March 8th, we celebrated International Women’s Day for all of the CodeComplete ladies, that are the flowers in our Technology garden. Let us, all the CC’s gentlemen give a big shout-out to all our “Women in Tech”.

We started the day by giving flowers to all of the ladies who came into the office. This year, to commemorate the day, all the girls wore Ao dai to work; it’s quite amazing to see our ladies dressed in Ao dai; Vietnamese girls wearing Ao dai is a magnificent art that you may never see.

Not stopping there, we also have a unique football event after work for all the ladies named “Wonder Women Football Championship”. We had an unforgettable night with a highly thrilling football match; our girls are not only beautiful but also very powerful and confident on the pitch. We had an unforgettable night full of laughter and happiness!

We wish that our ladies’ gorgeous smiles, boundless energy, and intelligence did not end with today but would last forever. You have brightened our working lives like a sunflower, a flower that retains its dew!

Happy International Women’s Day, CodeComplete ladies!