CodeComplete Commences Exclusive Domestic Sales of DataMasque!

CodeComplete Commences Exclusive Domestic Sales of DataMasque, a Data Masking Tool Compliant with Global Data Compliance Standards in Japan

Compliance with global standards including the latest ISMS version (newly added ‘data masking’ in ISO/IEC 27001:2022), HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, and more.

CodeComplete Co., Ltd (CEO: Simon Saeki, Tokyo, Japan, hereafter referred to as ‘Our Company’) commenced sales representation of the data masking tool ‘DataMasque’ starting on September 12, 2023. Our company has entered into an exclusive sales representation agreement with DataMasque Limited (CEO: Grant de Leeuw, Auckland, New Zealand, hereafter referred to as ‘DataMasque Ltd’) for the Japanese market. DataMasque allows for anonymizing personal data and generating synthetic data required for enhancing AI and ML (Machine Learning) accuracy.

<A Message from Our CEO, Simon Saeki>

CodeComplete has had significant experience partnering with healthcare IT system providers in Japan, giving us valuable insights into the sensitive nature and legal considerations surrounding PII/PHI data management. We believe that DataMasque, a cloud-native application supporting global standards and data masking for Japanese character sets, is uniquely positioned to address the needs of the Japanese market.

<A message from CEO of DataMasque Inc., Grant de Leeuw>

We have worked with Simon and his team since 2021 and have been impressed with their customer advocacy and commitment to security. With the changes to ISO27001 to include Data Masking as a required security control, Data Masking is critical to securing organizations’ most sensitive data while maintaining its utility for development, testing, analytics, and ML training.

For more details about “DataMasque” and data masking, please refer to the following page.