How Project Coordinator assistance will benefit the project and the CodeComplete customer experience?

With the mission to deliver the best software solutions to the customer, CodeComplete always monitors each project’s progress as well as keeps a good relationship with customers. And, to accomplish this, we understand that communication between the development team and the customer must be closely monitored and actively supported. We must clearly know each customer’s requirement at each phase of the project and compare it to the business requirements in order for the cooperation to go as smoothly as possible.

As a result, CC’s Project Coordinator role is not only a position to support project communication but also a position to enable the company-customer relationship to become more cohesive.

Let us analyze what a Project Coordinator at CodeComplete will do and how their assistance will benefit the project and the CodeComplete customer experience.

  1. Sale support:
    At CodeComplete, we engage the Coordinator in the sale step. Does it mean they will have a whole view of What the customer is looking for? How will the company do this to achieve the goal? Do we have suitable resources to do this?
    It will be very useful information that may help the Coordinator to maintain and support the Project Manager in the future in planning and managing the Project’s progress.
  2. Communication support:
    Also, we always encourage people to learn and improve their communication skills, we understand that sometimes the language barrier will lead to invisible shortcomings. Therefore, It is necessary to have a coordinator with strong language skills to support the development team. We know that Good Communication Can Help Solve Problems.
  3. Basic understanding of technical and business requirements:
    With the particularity of the IT industry, it’s a nice-to-have factor for a project coordinator to understand the technical requirement on a basic level. At CodeComplete, being a project coordinator requires more than just translating. To successfully manage the communication between customers and the development team, the PC is encouraged to be involved in all aspects of the project. The more understanding of both technical and business aspects, the smoother the project will run in the long term.
  4. Assisting the project management:
    Even though a project coordinator does not directly manage a project like a project manager, he/she is required to have an eye on the management aspect. This involves the preparation and storage of project documents, as well as assisting the Project Manager in keeping track of the project’s progress and ensuring that the project is in the same direction as the original plan and requirements. If the PM is in charge of project management, the PC is the PM’s right hand.