RESUME DOs & DON’Ts – Make the recruiter notice your intern resume!

With 6 years of operation, CodeComplete Vietnam has had many internship programs for both technical and non-technical positions that always focused on providing opportunities for the growth of young talents. On this journey, CCVN realized that Resume writing is a skill that interns need to improve and enhance, and here are some do’s and don’ts tips to make your resume more attractive to recruiters.

Firstly, let us give you some advice on what you should do! 

  1. Think about the job you want to apply for and choose an organized layout that matches it. A Marketing intern’s CV will not resemble a Software intern’s CV; therefore, choose a layout that demonstrates your skills with a single glance. It is recommended to make a one-page CV with less than 2 years of experience. Keep in mind that the best layout is the one that shows all of your talents in the most specific way.
  2. Mention the position for which you want to apply. It sounds very basic but the recruiters do not know what you want to work on and they receive a lot of resumes every day so putting the position in the CV makes it more convenient for recruiters and so gains more points for you. Don’t forget to show the recruiter why you are the greatest fit with a few brief words as well. Small tip: put it right under your name so recruiters can easily see it.
  3. Many people think that they should list their experience from oldest to newest, but from the standpoint of a recruiter, you should list your most recent working experience first and not go into as much detail for the older or less-relevant employment. It is preferable to concentrate on jobs that are more recent and relevant.
  4. All employers want candidates with some experience but most interns don’t usually have much working experience. The best way to solve it is to show all your skills in the projects that you worked on as assignments in school or the projects you worked on with some friends as a hobby. List your skills list and describe them in detail so that the company may discover more about you.
  5. Be honest! Recruiters with experience will be able to figure out if a candidate is truly qualified for the position or not. Employers may look down on you if you exaggerate or lie about your skills.

So, what should you not do?

  1. You want to find job opportunities as much as employers want to find candidates, so do not forget to add your contact information to your CV so that employers can quickly contact you.
  2. As an intern, you will be competing against a large number of other candidates, so don’t strive to impress the company with too complicated CV formatting! Recruiters only have a limited amount of time to screen intern CVs, so make it as simple to read and recall as possible.
  3. Each position will have different duties and responsibilities, as well as unique skills. As a result, do not exaggerate your position or responsibilities if it does not match your skills.
  4. Don’t use an inappropriate email address. Each employment will need various work standards; a clear, polite, and professional email is also how you represent yourself.
  5. Check your CV carefully before sending it to the recruiter to ensure there are no grammatical mistakes. This also allows recruiters to evaluate whether or not you are serious about the job for which you are applying.resume-do-dont2

The insights above are some tips that CodeComplete Vietnam has collected over the course of several years of running the internship program. Hopefully, these notes will help you become much more knowledgeable in CV design. More than a job, CodeComplete always hopes that our sharing will help you grow in your career.