The values of Knowledge sharing culture at CodeComplete

Written by Thuong Nguyen – Project Coordinator, BC Team

To create a working environment in which all members have equal chances to work together and grow, CodeComplete values knowledge sharing and encourages members to participate in internal seminars and share their expertise on real-world projects. Our sharing subjects are not only technical, but we also frequently offer some workplace soft skills suggestions such as communication skills, time management skills, and so on, which may assist our working process to be more successful. Letโ€™s check out the blog of Thuong Nguyen – our Project Coordinator and see why we consider โ€œknowledge sharingโ€ as the proudest culture at CodeComplete.


  1. Why sharing is important at CodeComplete?

We at CodeComplete appreciate the spirit of sharing knowledge. It contributes to the growth of individual members, teams, and the company’s capabilities and performance. As a result, we can apply strong information to the entire working process, improve knowledge areas, and complete tasks quickly. We understand that each team member is vital to delivering high-quality services to customers and increasing the value of the company.

  1. What are the benefits of knowledge sharing at work?
  • Reduce problem-solving time: By joining knowledge-sharing seminars, we can save research time by finding solutions faster if we get a similar problem or when we need to make a decision regarding that similar technical term.
  • Team performance improvement: Sharing improves each member’s skill as well as team performance. Based on this, we can provide customers with superior solutions that meet their expectations.
  • Fill the knowledge gap: Creating a working environment and having knowledge sharing also helps to fill the knowledge gap of each member, limiting the skill gap in a team. Even a new member or junior can easily acquire new sets of skills, and easily ask questions anytime.
  • Establish the habit of sharing: We believe that by creating a knowledge-sharing culture at Code Complete, each member can realize the core values we want to transfer so that we will contribute and build a successful company culture together.
  • Encourage soft skills improvement: By talking and presenting in front of people, we have an excellent chance to be more confident, practice communication skills and improve our soft skills.

*Note: In fact, there are many advantages when we apply this culture to our business, but it doesnโ€™t mean that it will be effective for all companies. The most important point is how to share without taking a lot of time and effort to prepare, otherwise, it causes aย  negative effect and people might get stressed from preparation.

  1. Sharing activities we did at CodeComplete
  • Communication:

Communication is an important skill in the workplace. Many people may be concerned about communicating smoothly with customers or their teams. Understanding these concerns, our Project Coordinator, Hang Nguyen, shared with us good communication methods, based on her many years of experience working with foreign customers.

Through this sharing, we know more about how to improve English conversation effectively.

  • Agile-Scrum:

Agile is one of the project development methods in system and software development. Currently, it is applied by many IT companies. On the occasion of a business trip to Vietnam, our Japanese customers shared useful knowledge about Agile-Scrum and they also introduced some real examples of how to meet stakeholder requirements.

  • Technical sharing:

As an IT company, we know the importance of Technical sharing so that is one of the valuable sessions we try to keep by week. The development team has its own area of specialty, but if we offer them the opportunity to experiment with new ways, they may learn and grow more than usual. Technical knowledge is out of date; instead of holding members’ talents to a standard, CodeComplete allows and encourages them to grow and succeed.

In conclusion, the values of a knowledge-sharing culture at CodeComplete are crucial for promoting collaboration, innovation, and learning. By fostering an environment that encourages open communication and knowledge sharing, CodeComplete can gain a competitive advantage in the tech industry and promote long-term success. This is one of the proudest cultures of CodeComplete, we believe that โ€œThe more we share, the more we have.”