This is a video application of a famous TV broadcaster that allows you to easily watch its popular programs for free:
– Show TV episodes by several categories (program, ranking, …)
– Search episodes
– Watch episode videos with subtitles and advertisements
– Watch and chat on the livestream


Challenge & Solution

This was one of the early projects of CodeComplete that followed the Agile process, we got a deep understanding of agile and UI/UX from this project.


  • Architecture patterns: MVC, MVP
  • Programming language: Objective-C, Java, Kotlin
  • Libraries and SDKs: CocoaPods, Gradle, AFNetworking, Firebase, XCTest (for the unit test), BrighCove
  • Techniques: CSAI (Client Side Ad Insertion), SSAI (Server Side Ad Insertion), Remote configuration, Chromecast, Realtime chat, In-app messaging, Push notification, SNS (Social Network Service), Analytics, CI/CD (Bitrise)
  • Tools: Xcode, Postman, Android Studio
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, tvOS, FireTV, AndroidTV

Value Delivered

  • The quality of the application is so good. We reach over 5 million installations on all platforms.
  • The ads work smoothly, are stable, friendly to end user so the revenue from ads increases.
  • This is the oldest project of CodeComplete, we have built and maintained the project for more than 5 years.