Visit patients in Da Nang Psychiatric Hospital

Taking place immediately after typhoon Sonca slammed Da Nang, on October 15th, the Purple House Vietnam (1) project representative and some of the members of CodeComplete Vietnam made an emotional visit to patients at the Da Nang Psychiatric hospital. This is a well-planned activity of Purple House Vietnam to encourage and provide practical assistance to the patients. 

We visited the patients in a spirit of sharing and promptly gave them gifts of encouragement and support. We believe that these gifts will empower patients to be more confident and stronger in their life.

We would like to convey our heartfelt appreciation to the contributors who have accompanied Purple House and thank you for the physical and spiritual support that everyone has prepared for the patients. Hopefully, Purple House will continue to grow, and receive attention and support from the community, which will allow us to provide care to more and more patients.

(1) Purple House Vietnam is a CodeComplete community project in Vietnam that provides companionship and support to epilepsy patients.

More information on this project can be found at:

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