• The performance of a company depends a lot on the productivity of its members. The development of the company is always attached to the continuous effort of each team member and the whole company. To maintain a competitive position in engaging and retaining talents, CodeComplete Vietnam always pays attention to building qualified human resources concentrating on professionals with an orientation towards productivity. Working productivity is assessed based on the capacity and quality of the team, so building a professional team is an indispensable part of CCVN’s development strategies. 

So how has CCVN built the professional team to achieve maximum working efficiency? 

🔑 We always pay attention to lots of factors, especially human beings: This is the leading factor that contributes greatly to the working quality.

CCVN always gives autonomy to team members in their work and lets them know that they will get periodical feedback. Giving responsibility proactively also means giving employees a clear direction on the company’s growth path and how their work contributes to that growth. If employees understand what their role means, they will work harder instead of thinking that they’re just a small screw in a huge machine. That’s also the reason why CCVN has built a clear functional matrix so that team members clearly get to know the roles of each position and they can easily contact the right person to get information, especially for the newbies.

We often organize training programs to improve qualifications and working skills through seminars or sharing sessions. CCVN-ers constantly update IT knowledge and supplement and update information about new frameworks and programming languages. Besides that, the management team always applies the latest and most effective and engaging human resource management methods to promote a professional global team 

We always care about employees’ benefits with salary and bonus (good remuneration) and the quality of employees’ life: typically, the company always follows a hybrid working style and Work-Life balance (zero OT). We would like our employees to have the most comfortable working spirit, which ensures maximum efficiency in working productivity. 

CCVN permanently recognizes the capacity and contribution of all employees through awards and certificates which mark the milestones of members’ dedication. We are always grateful for team members’ efforts, hopefully, all CCVN-ers are aware that they are a member of a professional team, and they are bound to be an experienced team member.

Productivity is always the leading factor that determines the influence and prosperity of a company. CCVN always aims to build development strategies both in terms of human resources and labor productivity to soon become an influential IT company in Vietnam’s IT market.