The nanacara Epilepsy Support Platform, developed in collaboration with KNOCK ON THE DOOR Inc by CodeComplete since 2020, addresses the complex challenges associated with managing epilepsy, particularly in pediatric patients. This platform significantly enhances the quality of life for both patients and their caregivers by offering several key features:

  • Seamless seizure tracking, including video documentation and one-click logging of seizure types, providing instant access to crucial data.
  • Comprehensive medication tracking functionality enables accurate recording of administered medications, including type, quantity, and their correlation with seizure occurrences.
  • The family sharing feature facilitates the exchange of data among the families of epilepsy patients, fostering improved communication and support networks.
  • The nanacara for Doctor web interface provides doctors with secure access to authorized patient data during medical examinations, utilizing a one-time password mechanism. This interface includes a dashboard for visualizing the patient’s seizure history and accessing relevant information.

Challenge & Solution

  • CodeComplete provided a complete technical solution. This involved setting up the AWS infrastructure, creating the backend system, making admin interfaces, building APIs for mobile apps, developing iOS and Android mobile apps (using React Native), and the web interface for nanacara for Doctor.
  • The system handles large video files using various AWS services.
  • It’s important to follow the Japanese Association of Healthcare Information Systems (JAHIS) QR code standards for reading and registering prescription information to ensure accurate medication tracking.


  • Cross Platform (React Native), JAHIS QR code, seizure calendar, Firebase Services(Cloud Messaging, Dynamic link, Analytic), CI/CD (Jenkins), AWS, PHP/Laravel, Selenium, React.js
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Web

Value Delivered

  • Nanacara, a mobile application designed to track and manage epilepsy, has been adopted by roughly 25,000 individuals. Additionally, over 200 hospitals and clinics have implemented nanacara for Doctor, a variant specifically geared towards medical professionals. Positive feedback from patients’ families suggests that nanacara has demonstrably enhanced the management and treatment of complex epilepsy cases.