The nanacara application functions as a mobile platform designed to facilitate communication and care management for patients with epilepsy in Japan. The app specifically targets connecting patients with a network of epilepsy specialists, including both doctors and pharmacies.


Challenge & Solution

    In the development of the nanacara application, a thorough understanding of the Japanese healthcare landscape was essential for our team. This included:

  • Healthcare Provider Operations: We delved into the operational processes of both hospitals and pharmacies in Japan to ensure the app seamlessly integrates with their existing workflows.
  • Payment System Integration: Comprehension of the Japanese healthcare payment system was crucial for facilitating secure and compliant transactions within the app.
  • Communication Technology Implementation: Our team focused on implementing robust video call and chat functionalities that adhere to Japanese data privacy regulations and user expectations for both the mobile app and web platform.


  • React Native, Twilio (Chat & Video call), Firebase Services(Cloud Messaging, Dynamic link, Analytic), CI/CD (Jenkins), AWS
  • Platforms: iOS and Android

Value Delivered

  • The nanacara application offers a valuable solution for managing pediatric epilepsy in Japan. It fosters a direct connection between children with epilepsy and their healthcare providers, streamlining the care process.