This app supports connecting patients having epilepsy with doctors and pharmacies across Japan that specialize in epilepsy.

  • Patients can create online reservations with doctors and pharmacies and do video calls with them.
  • Patients can share their seizure data with doctors and pharmacists using the nanacara app.
  • Doctors can talk to patients while sharing their screens which helps in smooth conversation.
  • Patients can select pharmacies also from where they want to get medicine and they can get medicine delivered at their door.

Challenge & Solution

  • This is a Japanese project so team had to understand how pharmacies and hospitals work in Japan.>
  • We had to understand about payment system and how video calls & chat system works in app and web.


  • React Native, Twilio (Chat & Video call), Firebase Services(Cloud Messaging, Dynamic link, Analytic), CI/CD (Jenkins), AWS
  • Platforms: iOS and Android

Value Delivered

  • This app connects kids with epilepsy with doctors, saves time for going to hospital and then waiting to get checked.